About Us

Retail customers have limited influence on the products sold on retail shelves. Retail buyers decide what products will be successes and failures before customers ever see them, limiting innovative designs and product quality. GIRU wants to repair the relationship between enthusiasts and the companies building the products they need.
Utilizing crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, GIRU helps gauge customer interest in new products prior to production. Early adopters support with their dollars, giving creators information on everything from production numbers to colors, styles, and features. Using demand analytics, brands can approach retailers with hard data to support a buyer’s decision to invest in that product. Ultimately, retail buyers reduce their risks and customers are able to have buy-in on the products they want.
Customers use GIRU’s unique feature development system (patent pending), providing clear feedback to the designer. This crowdsourced model moves the customer closer to the design process.  Supporters advocate for their favorite products and features through integrated social sharing.
Crowdfunding benefits the brand, the customer, and the retailer. Early adopters receive access to heavily discounted rewards. Supporting a project with real dollars give insight to the future success of the product. Brands are able to use sales and web analytic data specific to the project before a product is produced. Buyers are able to make informed decisions to purchase products with actual market data. Everyone benefits.