Develop with GIRU


  • Conceptualized by Jason Hairston, Founder of KUIU, as a way to emulate the process he used to build KUIU.
  • GIRU utilizes crowd sourcing in a guided development voting tool to create the product that consumers want.
  • The winning design moves to crowd funding. Funding is a real barometer as to the future success of the product.
  • Users are incentivized to share their design so others will vote for it and move it to funding.


  • Its simple to use, place your product into the patent pending GIRU design and fund process.
  • Show your customers the features they can vote on for the final design.
  • Educate your customers throughout the development process.
  • Interact with early adopters through commenting and project updates. Add videos, pics and other information to inform your customers.
  • Because the winning design is taken to funding, users are incentivized to share in order to see their design win.





  • GIRU breaks down the retail barrier of connecting brands to their customers.
  • Develop products exactly how your customer wants them.
  • Eliminates the need to discount and clearance products that do not have success at retail.
  • Determines in advance the future demand and success of a product prior to production.
  • Make accurate buying decisions based on size, color, and quantities in advance of production.
  • Utilize the GIRU analytics dashboard to understand the demographics, traffic sources and other data.
  • Meet buyers armed with data on the future success of new products. Show comments, speed of funding and other data to mitigate risk of new products for the buyers.
  • Focuses inventory dollars on only successfully funded and proven products.
  • Funding provides working capital for production.
  • Unlike a focus group, Funding is a true measure of future demand.
  • Delivers new products to trend setters first which creates buzz and down stream demand prior to products hitting the retailers shelves and accelerates early sell through.
  • With GIRU everybody wins: Brands, Retailers, Customers.

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