Summit Refuge Shelter - Fly by KUIU Ultralight Hunting

Summit Refuge Shelter - Fly

Modular Shelter, Modular Funding

This Funding Project is for the Summit Refuge Shelter Fly only. Fund the other Modular Parts of the Summit Refuge Shelter by CLICKING HERE

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The Summit Refuge Shelter was created with a modular design that allows the user to easily change the configuration of the shelter for different hunting situations. Due to the overwhelming demand for all of the different modular configurations, we will be offering three different modular pieces as unique funding projects to allow our customers to assemble the configuration they want.

The removable Stove Jack that was highly requested during the initial development period has been prototyped and is in the refinement stage. The Stove Jack accessory will be compatible with the current Summit Refuge Shelter. It will be available in the near future when the refinement has been completed. 

If one of the modular pieces does not reach its funding goal, it will not be taken to production. 

Click the "Pledge" button to begin for the Fly only. Don't forget to pledge on the Tent Floor and Tent Body projects if you also want those components.

Pledge Progress Bar

$164.99 16 / 16
$194.99 35 / 35
$224.99 50 / 50
$269.99 20 / 50
$299.99 0 / 350
$26,113.79USD of $20,000 goal