Phone Skope Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Case by Phone Skope

Phone Skope Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Case

The Phone Skope is the ultimate tool to take pictures of wildlife through binoculars and spotting scopes with your smartphone! The Phone Skope is a two-piece system, consisting of a phone-specific case and a optic adapter. Phone Skope's Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Case will be made specific to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and will be manufactured out of ABS plastic. Slide your phone into the Phone Skope Phone Case and then lock in the optic adapter (sold separately).


How It Works

Stage 1 - Customer Driven Design

Unlike some GIRU projects, Phone Skope has completed the design for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Case, therefore we have not included a voting component to this project and will be skipping the standard first stage.

Stage 2 - Customer Funded Production

To give our customers a reward opportunity and to help us gauge demand, we are offering an opportunity to reserve your Phone Skope Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Case by pledging below. There are multiple discount tiers, so pledge early to take advantage of the largest discount. 

Pledge Progress Bar

$29.99 15 / 15
$34.99 3 / 30
$39.99 0 / 35
$44.99 0 / 50
$49.99 0 / 1000
18 days 18 days left for pledges
$554.82USD of $3,000 goal